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TGRlogoIf you're transgender and would like to contribute to TGREPORTER.com, you can do so as a city reporter, writer, blogger, researcher, or an editor, administrator, and/or a sales agent.

Who is TGREPORTER looking for?

a. City reporters : who can cover local and regional events, review local shows, post upcoming events, comment on local trans-impacting news, and if available, interview local and regional talent.

b.  Feature columnists : for Beauty, Fashion, Health/Wellness, A & E (or some other area of your interest/expertise).  From product and service reviews, to coming trends, to interviews of people in that topic, you would have a free-hand to create dynamic content. 

c. Video editor : to search out the best in available trans-specific music videos, special events coverage, TV segment clips, television programs, how-to videos, and film trailers.

d. Marketing and promotion gurus :  Whether its social media marketing, branding, SEO or SEM, if you've got the knowledge and time to increase traffic we can use you on the team.

e.  Ad sales : (Commission-based) Work from home in one of two ways -- all you need is a computer and some spare time.  (1) Direct Ad Sales: Search the web for products and services that would be of interest to our readers and then secure that business to advertise on our site(s). (2) Affilate Ads manager:  use our commission-based affiliate program memberships to choose and place product/service ads on our site, You would retain a share of the click-through ad revenues.  You will be responsible to choose the ads, place the ads, review performance reports and re-arrange ads to achieve optimum sell through performance.

How It Works

When you join the TGREPORTER team, you essentially become a partner and share in revenue produced from various sources that you are involved in.  For writers and editors, you share the ad revenue generated from the pages you contribute to. Most pages are exclusive to a specific writer or editor. The more often you contribute, combined with the quality of what you contribute, will contribute to the level of traffic it will attract.  The higher the traffic the higher the odds we can secure direct Sponsors for those pages, and that grevenues can be realized also from Google click-thru traffic, which all adds to your bottom line.

This is a cooperative partnership to build the premier worldwide transgender magazine and resource center. 

Still Interested?  Here is What To Do Next

Contact the Editor in Chief and describe your experience, your interest, and why you believe your efforts will provide a positive impact for TGREPORTER.com. 



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Write for TG Reporter

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