Wacky Sex Fetishes, Trends and Customs

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Saturday, 17 March 2012 00:51

Wacky Sex Fetishes, Trends and Customs

Written by  Lorraine Chow
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Love huts, vampire sex, nude flights -- you won't believe the kooky things folks are getting themselves into!

Think you've heard it all? We thought we had too -- until we heard about the folks who get aroused by popping balloons or by just looking at hair or by dressing up as babies. Want to try something new -- or just be amused at what gets others off? Read about these libido-raising fetishes, fantasies and customs from around the world.

Once You Pop... 

Blowing up a balloon may make most of us think of birthday parties, but for "poppers" this is a sexual act. These fetishists get hot thinking of the color and smell of a balloon, or by watching it blow up. When the balloon pops, it's both a metaphorical and literal sexual release.

1) I Vant to Have Sex With You

Of course you have a special place in your heart for Edward Cullen -- but for most of us, our vampire yearnings end there. (Okay, there and a few nice dreams.) For folks involved with hematolagnia, using or even drinking blood in a sexual way (or having erotic thoughts about blood) is a huge turn-on.

2) Adult Baby Syndrome: 

This takes baby talk in the bedroom to a whole new level: Adult Baby Syndrome, or paraphillic infantilism, is a rare sexual fetish where a person dresses up like a baby before having sex -- bib, bonnet and all. Role playing may include drinking from a baby bottle, wearing diapers or breastfeeding (of course).

3) Tickle Me Baby: 

Love when your man sweetly tickles you during foreplay? We do too -- but most times not enough to get off. Those who participate in knismolagnia do, though, and get an intense sexual arousal from tickling -- without any sort of intercourse or other touch, period.

4) Flying in the Buff: 

Nudists rejoice! A tour operator in Germany, OssiUrlab.de, organizes nude flights so passengers can fly in their birthday suit. Obviously, one has to be clothed while boarding the plane -- but passengers can let it all hang out once the flight takes off. Apparently, nudism is no big deal in Germany, with restaurants and shops that cater to the nekkie, or naked.

5) Karezza: 

Most people wouldn't complain about having too many orgasms -- but for some folks it's all about denying the release. Karezza is an ancient sexual technique where the goal is to avoid release -- always. The point is to feel extremely sexually stimulated without release: you have sex slowly and gently (and for a long time) while being mindful of your partner's state of arousal. Those who practice Karezza claim it leads to happier, healthier relationships over time as well as a heightened spiritual state of bliss.

Of course this is just the tip fo the iceberg.  Click here to see the rest.

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