How TGLIFE Works

  • Written by Brianna Nicole Austin

When you register at you'll have one login. However, you will also have several profiles as follows:

Magazine: In the upper right corner of the site, the black box with the two people Icon provides access to your writer profile. Every member has a writer profile, which allows for a photo, short bio, and link that will appear below any magazine content your write. All members have access to post (under Columns) to the Member Blogs. Also, in the magazine section, you can also post to Essays, Fiction, True Stories and Poetry. Columnists will have access to these plus their respective columns. 

When you click the profile Icon (in the upper right of the site) you will see the following:

  • Writer Name
  • Writer photo
  • My Writer Page (goes to that profile page with any associated posts listed below)
  • Edit Writer Page (this is where you can edit what appears in the box below any post you make to the Blogs, Essays, Poetry, Fiction and/or True Stories pages.
  • Logout 
  • My Community profile (linksto your profile in the Community, which can have a differfent summary)
  • Edit Community profile 

Community: Your community profile is the one that will appear on the right side of the main page when you login. There will also be a list of quick links directly into the Community section below your photo. You can edit this profile from the Icon noted above, or from within the community pages. In the Community you will see another menu lower on the page, and simply hover on the menu item Profile and click Edit. Your Community profile is associated with:

  • photo galleries (in the Community, not the magazine),
  • video galleries, 
  • activity stream
  • friends
  • groups
  • events

Forum: You can access the frum using your universal login, but it too has a seaparate profile. 

For further assistance, please review the FAQs, or contact us.   


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