Bibi Fernandez

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Saturday, 09 July 2011 10:39

Bibi Fernandez

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Model, Actress, Wife, and Pedro Almodovar's favorite transsexual.

Bibiana Fernandez, aka Bibi Anderson, is Spains´most famous transsexual model, and can been seen Pedro Almodovar's filmHigh Heels , Bibi is statuesque and fabulous. The dance number in the open yard of a prison scene is priceless.


Bibi is tall though her actual height isn't listed anywhere that I could find, but to see her on film she appears to be well over 6'1 or taller. Still Bibi commands attention, regardless of her height, she is a natural star that can grab the attention of anyone in the same room with her.

Spanish filmmaker Pedo Almodovar (All About My mother, Talk With Her, High Heels, Bad Education) is a celebrated director with an affection for introducing transgender characters in his films.

In High Heels Bibi plays a biological woman that befreinds the lead character at a women's prison. In All About My Mother a biological woman actress played the part of a transsexual -- but that's Almodovar.

Bibi is so stunning that women want to be her and men want to be with her.

View a photo gallery of Bibi as well as purchase the films listed above.

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Brianna Austin

Is the reflection I see in the mirror who I am, or just the taxi that carries "me" around?  As a TG journalist for a host of magazines I have explored this and many other ideas along the detour that has become my life. Being transgender is by far the most confused, conflicted, distracting and yet amazing journey I have ever encountered thus far.

Now that I am back in NYC I look forward to actively bringing new and exciting content to



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