Altering Your Look Without the Surgery

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Saturday, 09 July 2011 08:11

Altering Your Look Without the Surgery

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Cosmetic Tips Without Surgery!

Years ago I learned not only to do my makeup, but to do makeovers on others from former Revlon and TG makeover magician, Jim Bridges. One tip peopleFace Contouring always wanted to know was how to make their nose look more feminine, or smaller, using makeup.

Here’s some tips from

The Supplies you'll need:

* sponge brushes

* foundation or powder matching your skin tone

* foundation or powder lighter than your skin tone

* foundation of powder darker than you skin tone

* eye makeup

* lip stick

First, apply a good quality foundation or powder to your face. Mineral makeup is a good choice because it provides even coverage and makes you skin look healthy. Use a color that matches your skin color.

To minimize the appearance of a wide nose, the trick is to use vertical lines of light or dark tones to make your nose look narrower. There are two ways to do this, so you should try both to see which effect you prefer. (A) Apply a lighter shade of makeup to the sides of your nose, starting from the top of your bridge down to your nostrils. (B) Apply a darker shade to the sides of you nose.

Use the brushes to blend the makeup into your eyeshadow and the rest of your makeup. Brush on blush close to your nose to make it appear even thinner.

To make a long nose look shorter, you need to use vertical lines of color. Apply a dot of lighter tone of makeup at the top of the bridge. Next, apply either a lighter or darker shade to the tip and under the base of the nose. Again, blend into the rest of your makeup.

For a nose that is both long and wide, or one that is crooked or otherwise oddly shaped, the best solution is to play up your other features. Light/dark contouring tricks tend to make the problem worse.

Pick either your eyes or lips to accentuate. If you are playing up your eyes, use black eyeliner and a shadow that complements your eye color.

Finish it up with some lip gloss and blush.

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Gina Lance

Gina Lance is the author of GET DRESSED! A life-long cross-dresser, Gina is known worldwide from when she previously published Girl Talk Magazine, and appeared on countless radio and television specials talking about the trans-community.

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